The factories are set on a land owned by the company with an area of 16000 m2 in the industrial zone - Abou Rawash.

Board Members and Top Management
Founder: Mr. Ahmed El Nawawi
Chairman: Mrs. Soha Ahmed El Nawawi
Managing Director: Mrs. Sally Ahmed Youssef EI Nawawi
Hierarchal Structure:
(12) Department Managers
(24) Division Managers
(36) Division Heads
(48) Senior Technicians
(85) Technicians
(100) Assistants
Quality Management
HARTMANN EGYPT Co. S.A.E Company, is the first in Egypt, certified and maintains quality management system according to the standard ( DIN EN ISO 9002 ) in the field of fabrication and installation of aluminum works. Today HARTMANN EGYPT Co. S.A.E has reached a unique place in the Egyptian market and Hartmann systems are recognized by the most famous companies and architects. It is HARTMANN EGYPT Co. S.A.E’s pride that many complicated designs and sophisticated buildings were taken over and executed by the company, resulting to the entire satisfaction of all concerned parties.
Our Factories
The factories are set on a land owned by the company with an area of 16,000 m2 in the industrial zone – Abou Rawash.
in the industrial zone – Abou Rawash.
Production lines

  1. Complete plant of production for windows, doors, curtain walls and all other construction requirements.
  2. Complete workshop for production of the required spare parts and miscellaneous items.

Tests and Quality control

The quality controlled machine calibration starts from the initial raw material delivery until the Finished product, providing the highest level of precision. This is approved by the ISO 9002 certificate, Which serves to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. In addition, Hartmann products are tested by in- house globally recognized tests to ensure top level efficiency and performance. Guarantee of quality is also confirmed by laboratory testing done in highly specialized testing institutes.

The equipments, the aluminum plant and the workshop

2 Full Automatic saws with lengths of 7 meters each, equipped with 2 adjustable

Heads to cut on different angles (German made ÇElu co.È).

1 Full Automatic saw with length of 7 meters equipped to cut the accessories with

Thickness Up to 5 mm (German made ÇElu co.È).

1 Full Automatic Combined Saw and milling machine. (Italian made ÇTekna Co.È) .

5 Saws one head each (German made ÇElu co.È).

1 Saw 14” (Italian made ÇEkert co.È).

1 Saw to cut Steel (Swiss made ÇMeb co.È).

1 Cutting Disc for Steel 4” (Italian made ÇTomas co.È).

6 Milling machines to mill the edges of the profiles (German and Swiss made

ÇElu and Rabid co.È).

2 Pintograph milling machines (German made ÇElu co.È).

6 Presses for cutting (Italian made ÇTekna co.È).

1 Rubber cutting machine for cutting neoprene gaskets (Swiss made, ÇHartmann Co.È).

3 Crimping machines for mechanical assembly (German made ÇElu Co.È).

1 Ultra-sound cleaning unit for cleaning and degreasing aluminum profiles before

Gluing frame and sash corners (German made ÇElu Co.È).

1 Automatic riveting machine (Swiss made ÇKocher Co.È).

1 Rubber press-in machine for fixing neoprene gasket in sash and frame (Swiss made

ÇHartmann Co.È).

1 Welding machine by using the Argon Gas welding all types of metals (Swiss made

ÇGriesheim Co.È).

1 Press 20 tons for cutting all metals. (Italian made. ÇMios Co.È).

1 Precision center lathe. (Italian made ÇAngelini Co.È).

4 Bending machines for aluminum and steel profiles (Italian made ÇTekna CoÈ.)


N.B.: All blades for SAWS and milling machines are carbide tipped

4 Air compressors to operate the factory. (German & Italian made ÇAlupÈ,ÈGisÈ).

2 Table bending machines

5 Stationary drilling machines with various speeds .

2 Double disc grinding machines.

5 Electric welding units.

2 Pneumatic putty guns (for applying silicone).

2 Fork-lifts (hydraulic & electric).

80 Complete portable tool sets for site Workmanship.

20 Cars and trucks for transporting labor members, staff and products.

The Surface Treatment Plant

2 Conveyor Belts (automatic and manual)

2 Ovens with capacity of drying and roasting up to 10 tons per day.

1 Movable spraying units fully equipped with guns.

8 Big basins for treatment, two of them equipped with spark plugs

Fully equipped Quality testing chamber.